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These Web resources are created as a supplement to class notes, textbook reading, and the textbook Web site materials used in the MCOM 3320 class taught by Dr. Randy Reddick in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University. The first line of focus and study should always be 1) good class notes, 2) careful reading of assigned material, and 3) use of the Web site provided with your text book.

Content in the Web site is not a substitute for good class notes and careful study of assigned readings.

Using these resources

In case you misplace your syllabus or your case study instructional materials, you can find online versions here. Additionally, you may find useful the links to other resources on the Internet. Lecture outlines available in this site are merely outlines or skeletons of class lectures. They are provided primarily to help you get proper case citations, correct spelling of names and terms, and a general outline of where we are going in class.

Every page in this Web site has links to every other page through the drop-down navigation system. To truly master the material, you will have to fill-in the skeleton by taking good notes during lecture and during your reading of assigned text material.

Have a happy and prosperous voyage as we study media law together.