JOUR 4370 – Advanced Reporting – Spring 2005

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Advanced Reporting Web

Resources for Advanced Reporting students

Welcome. This Web site contains the syllabus for Advanced Reporting (JOUR 4370) and a number of supporting documents designed to help students reap the greatest benefits from their experience in the class taught in the College of Mass Communications at Texas Tech University.

In addition to providing an online version of the syllabus, this site is organized into four main sections, described below. To access documents in any one of the areas, simply follow the links which are provided at the upper left and at the bottom of each page.

1. About
This area has a few documents describing the class and seeking to answer the question, "What is advanced reporting?"

2. Assignments
Several documents gathered here help to describe in detail the work that is required of students in class.

3. News Values
Probably there is not one, universal definition of "news" or of "journalism" that completely satisfies those who have made news and / or journalism a major portion of their lives. Still, there is widespread agreement among veteran professionals about what is news and what constitutes good journalism. Permeating these descriptions are a number of values. For this class, we have seized upon some of those values as our focuss, and they are described in this section.

4. Research Tools
A fair portion of the work journalists do in reporting the news falls under the category of gathering and evaluating information – doing research. This section of the Advanced Reporting Web site contains links and pointers to a number of tools many journalists find useful in doing their work on a day-to-day basis. The Advanced Reporting Web is evolving, being continually updated. No area is more subject to updates than the Research Tools section.

5. Careers
This area contains tips on getting and keeping journalism jobs, making journalism contacts and getting continuing education.

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