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Biochemistry Courses

Medicine, agriculture and nutrition have all vastly improved over the last decade in large part by a rapidly growing understanding of biochemistry.  Future advances in the life sciences will depend in part on rigorous training of students so they are conversant in  biochemistry.  Such knowledge will no doubt lead to even greater gains in our ability to understand nature and control our destiny. 

    Principles of Biochemistry (Chem 5334)

     Molecular Biochemistry (Chem 3310)hemoglobin.gif (69453 octets)

Biological Chemistry of Plants

Research activities in the laboratory of Professor Paré focus on understanding how plants produce natural products as well as how such chemicals function in the context of biological systems.  Experimental approaches range from organic synthesis to biochemistry and molecular biology. Plants that we have recently published on and routinely grow in the laboratory include Arabidopsis, corn, cotton, onion and tomato.  Caterpillars are reared in the lab and several bacterial lines are maintained.  Research projects that are on going are described in the links listed below.

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