Feelings (Emotions) Log Project Instructions

Grading of the Feelings (Emotions) Log is based on how well you followed the instructions and the quality of your logs, for example, you used a wide variety of emotions and your wrote a thoughtful evaluation essay. In total, it is worth 20 points. There are 4 parts. Complete all parts. Failure to follow instructions is the leading cause of point deductions.


PART 1. (up to 10 points)

Keep a log for 5 full days (label day); make 8 (number each) entries a day, spread out across the time that you are awake that day and provide the following information in a table format (use this template) for example:



Who with? Where? (room, restaurant, someone's house, club, etc.)


Physical State

 Emotions (2+)

 Reason for Emotions (2+)


 9 am

my dog, Buddy my bedroom

 dog licked face while I was sleeping


 annoyed mad loved

 didn't want to get up yet but dog showed he loved me

 * these entries should be done each day and by hand on sheets of paper that are numbered sequentially-- you should use the template that you print out for each day's use

 * feel free to leave out details of intimate events (please leave these out! <g>)

 * try for a wide variety of emotions listed (see the faces chart and the book as well as the pink sheets linked on the class web page for a variety of feeling words)

* note that the example has more than one emotion attached to the event; you should have at least 2 feelings for each event. This will also result in more than one reason appearing in the last column. 

    Make sure you use two or more emotions under the Emotions column and not physical states: tired, hungry, exhausted, sick, pumped up are physical states; disgusted, unnerved are emotions

    Circle the day of the log, record day of the week, date, general location (e.g., LBB [Lubbock], or drive from Austin to Lubbock) and the weather that day on each day's log

EVALUATION ESSAY: Use subheadings (copy & paste the questions in italics to use as subheadings) to identify which part you are on. Note: do not use "feel like" or "feel that" to refer to emotions as they are thoughts not emotions.

PART 2. (up to 2 points) Answer the questions in italics below:

*provide a number count in your written evaluation: how many total emotions did you record?

*count the variety of emotions words: how many different emotions words did you use in this assignment? How do you think you did in coming up with a variety of emotions words?

*what emotion word appeared the most? how often (number of times)? To what extent is the more frequent use of this emotion characteristic of you?

PART 3. (up to 5 points) Evaluate Day 4 in depth: Follow the instructions and answer the questions below in the order listed, using subheadings based on the letter of the italicized instructions:

A. In this part, make a list of the emotion words used on Day 4's template and have three columns. In the 1st column list the Day 4 emotions, in order, from the template; list all even if an emotion repeats. In the 2nd column place a number from 1 - 5 reflecting how accurate these emotion words were with 1 being very low accuracy to 5 being very high accuracy;  In the 3rd column, write down some alternative emotion words you could use that would also be fairly accurate to describe the original emotions in the situation in which they occurred (you could consult the "pink" sheet to expand your emotion words vocabulary). If you have a repeated emotion in column 1, what might be a different alternative for each repeat? You should have at least 16 emotion words listed in column 1.

B. Looking at what you have written down for Part 3A, in a paragraph, evaluate the emotions that occurred. At the time you chose certain words and now you have evaluated their accuracy:

1. overall, comment on your accuracy and why you think you were or were not accurate; and

2. comment on the new emotion words you chose in the 3rd column. Why did you chose these new words? What made the new words more accurate?

3. If you did not change any words, why was this the case?

C. In a paragraph, provide a more in-depth description of what went on in Day 4 than you could provide in the template: Give some details about the kind of day it was (how typical, how different), the kinds of things you had to deal with on Day 4. In a second paragraph, describe at least three events that occurred in Day 4 that you didn't record and list the emotions that accompanied these events.

PART 4. (up to 3 points) Overall: answer the part below in italics using the italicized number as subheadings .

* Review your feelings log after over the 5 full days, the answers to Part 2 and Part 3 above, and

1. Describe patterns in your emotions across the 5 days.

2. Identify three of the most negative situations and emotions experienced and identify and describe the fallacy self-talk that accompanied these (e.g., got a D on a test, angry, perfection as I should not have made so many mistakes) .

3. Rewrite the self-talk to the three most negative emotions to be more positive (correcting fallacies, e.g., in the example above, everyone makes mistakes and I'll have a chance to fix it on the final and with my homework).

Other Instructions:

The evaluation is typed, 3 (or so) pages, double spaced in 12 font. Staple it to the back of the feelings log pages. Proofread: spell check and grammar check your evaluation. I do count off for excessive mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Place a cover sheet on top with your name on it. Staple this together with the typed evaluation and the original, hand written feelings/emotions log pages (if some entries are difficult to read, PLEASE provide a correction so I can read them).

Late papers are assessed 2 points per calendar day late

Please -- Do not leave out any part of this assignment. Significant points are lost for failure to follow all the instructions. These change from semester to semester.