Clicker Questions and Resources

Unit 1 Questions


Unit 1 Websites

Go to, choose Videos and do a search for neutrophil to view the chase scene, or a search for neutrophil chemotaxis to view the same video presented in class. - animations of myosin and kinesin motor proteins available here - kinesin walking organelle along microtubule - membrane calcium pump anim. - sodium-potassium pump anim. - facilitated diffusion animation, and more! - binary fission animation - cell cycle animation - mitosis animation - migrating chromosome animation - compares meiosis and mitosis

Unit 2 Websites - about secondary protein structure - more on secondary protein structure - nifty animations, inc one of the trombone model - nice telomerase animation

Unit 3 websites  - good animation of whole menstrual cycle - used to be called "Know Your" - that pretty much says it

Last Lectures Websites - a website that compares the human karyotype to that of the chimp.  Gallifreyans are fictional characters in a British TV series. - a clickable webmap illustrating several phylogenetic trees of human ancestors